Oh So Classy Events is an Every Last Vendor!

Oh So Classy Events is an Every Last Vendor!

We are so very excited to announce that Oh So Classy Events is officially an Every Last Vendor within Every Last Detail’s exclusive vendor guide! Thank you so much to Lauren Grove at ELD for inviting us to be part … Continue reading

Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue!

Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue, Oh So Classy Events

Hyatt Regency, Clearwater FL

One of the most important pieces of putting together any wedding is finding the venue! Looking for a venue is such an exciting adventure but can also be very exhausting.  It is important to be prepared when touring venues so you will know what questions to ask and know what you are looking for in a venue. A wedding venue adds so much personality and atmosphere to your event, and with the most popular sites often booking far in advance, it’s also important to secure your venue early if not first in your planning process. Here are some tips from Oh So Classy Events for finding your perfect wedding venue!

1. Size is Everything!: Before going to look at venues it is a good idea to have a rough number for your guest list. Although it is not easy to have a number a few weeks into planning, if you don’t have an idea of what size wedding you are going to have you will not be able to pick a venue confidently. If you have a number you will also be able to cross off venues on your list without visiting them. Most venues list their capacities online, that way you won’t be wasting your time on a venue that will not work out. Make sure you also have a little wiggle room. Although an empty venue might look huge when you first visit, that room can quickly fill up with tables and chairs.


Our bride at Mackay Estate and Garden, Lake Alfred FL (Erin of Papered Heart Photography)

2. Full Service or Not?: It is important to find out if the venue is full service or not. Full service usually means many things are provided by the venue such as tables, chairs, linens, catering, staff, ect. Other sites may only charge for the space and leave everything else up to you. To find the option that works best for your wedding, ask yourself how much you would like to personalize your celebration and what that will entail, or decide on a more all-inclusive approach. You’ll also want to ask about what is not included but may be available or what can be taken out of the package. Some venues are very flexible while others are not. For example, a venue may not allow outside caterers, or only vendors from a list that they provide.

3. How Many Events Does the Venue Have Daily?: Although this may seem like a strange question to ask a venue it can become an important detail affecting your wedding. Some venues have up to 3-4 weddings a day! Having so many weddings on one day or weekend may affect your wedding.  You may not be able to have as much time for preparation as you need or may have to leave prematurely. Also, if there are many weddings around your wedding, it may become hard to plan a rehearsal at a time that works for everyone and the venue.


Vinoy Rennaissance, St. Pete FL

4. Match your Venue to your Wedding Style: Finding a venue that matches your wedding style will really pull everything together. All the decor and colors should match seamlessly with the venue. Here are some suggestions on types of venue for popular styles of weddings:

Classic Wedding Style:

    • If your guest list is long and you want the feel of classic elegance, a grand hotel ballroom may be your ideal choice. Most have plenty of space, and some can be incredibly ornate in their style and decor, making it easy for you to create an impressive backdrop for your guests.
    • For a unique wedding sites that still give off a sophisticated vibe, think mansions, estates, or historic buildings. Some of these vintage-inspired venues are privately owned, and many have an intimate and personal fee.
    • For an exclusive setting and picturesque backdrop, private clubs and golf courses are typically immaculately maintained and well-staffed. Choosing one can give your guests entrance to a location they wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise, while offering stunning options for your photographer.

Relaxed Wedding Style:

    • A beautiful garden or park can offer an abundance of natural decor for your ceremony. If you can, visit the location at the time of year when you will be getting married to get an idea of the colors and flowers in bloom at that time.
    • For a comfortable event with a bit of a countryside vibe, choose a ranch or farm. Rustic, elegant barn settings have been all the rage for years and many couples and designers have found super creative ways to make barns look beautiful.

Modern Wedding Style:

    • If your style is modern and you prefer an urban setting, try a local art museum or gallery, a hip restaurant, or an industrial loft space. Historic Ybor has some amazing spaces if you are going for this style!
    • If you like the water, check out large tour boats and ships available for events. Choose a beautiful boat with plenty of cabin space in case it rains, so your guests can revel in the view regardless of the weather.
    • Do you two share a love of wine and wide-open scenery? Then consider getting married at a winery. There are lots of fabulous wineries who specialize in weddings, and many are well-known for their world-class food and wine. There are winery’s in Plant City if you are located in the area and interested in getting married at a winery, but don’t want to travel far.

Don Cesar Hotel, St. Pete FL

We hope that you found these tips helpful on your search to find the perfect venue. Oh So Classy Events is here to assist in helping you with your search for venues! We will make sure you get the best location possible with no surprises or worries.

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Jason Mize Photography
Borrowed and Bleu
Papered Heart Photography

Wordess Wednesday: For the Groom

Happy hump day! Today is all about the groom. Nine times out of 10, when people think of weddings, they often think of “the bride’s big day.” We can’t forget that it is equally important for the groom as well! He is about to marry the love of his life and should have a voice in the wedding planning process as well as the big day itself. Here are a few things the groom can use to add a touch of his personality into the wedding. Whether it be through a fun groom’s cake, a unique boutonniere, or quirky party favors, the  groom has plenty of opportunities to add his own flair.

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Simply Blissfully

Cake Chooser


Wedding Wire

Glendalogh Manor


Pets are a huge part of many people’s lives, so it only seems natural to include them in weddings. This growing trend is perfect for showing your animal-loving side! Whether it’s using your dog as a ring bearer, dressing up the cats in wedding attire, or taking pictures with that sweet horse for engagement photos, couples everywhere are sharing their big day with their pets!

787262d559aa766a8a735f0f10f11302 6c962e3c4f10da39e7a73e342203c0e4 b43c37ee13e2c2cf57c2cee3a9aee666 7e8aa2e9663bfe542f19fec6e8bb1d90 50e8968dd0938165f9bcdfd8c7b1eb93 a3921d5dacf534aa6b05b47a6579e004 f4449a165fc3cc432072d7a2ab2e31ec 33d6338c7b64ebac9f297a3c09221851 5db46eae613ddafea17945848c87131f




Hilary Cam Photography

The Chive

Angela Disrud Photogrphy


Falon Photography

Cinderella For A Day

Gambol Photography

Jeff Cooke Photogrphy

Heather Parker Photography

Breast Cancer Awareness!


As we all know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Therefore, the importance of this post goes beyond any other! Here at Oh So Classy we believe it is important for all women to do self-examinations, and to visit the doctor if any irregularities or questions arise.

It is especially important for brides, bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom to constantly be checking themselves for lumps. Every bride deserves her big day and deserves to have all the women in her life be there to witness it. Breast cancer is a serious issue, but with early detection, it is easier to remove and/or take care of.

There are a few ways in which you can perform self-exams. Here are a few links providing information on how, why, and when to do self-exams, and when to visit a doctor.


And of course, this app is definitely worth downloading: Your Man Reminder App!

Again, we can’t stress enough how important it is to check your breasts. Feel free to share your stories about self-exams, personal triumphs, or a family member’s or friend’s fight.


Meet our Fall Intern – Hayley!

Hi everyone! We are well into the season and would like to introduce you to one of our interns this fall.

MEET our new Fall Intern – HAYLEY:


Hayley is currently a senior at the University of South Florida pursuing a degree in mass communications with a focus on public relations. She is creative, detail oriented, organized, and enthusiastic. All of these qualities add to Hayley’s passion for event planning and ultimately lead her to Oh So Classy Events!

After planning the senior prom in high school, Hayley realized how rewarding it was to achieve her goals and to see how happy the senior class was with the event. Furthering her event planning passion, she worked as the Director of Marketing for USF’s chapter of Timmy Global Health and aided them in the logistics of their annual art show at the Tampa Bay Museum of Art. Currently Hayley is the Director of Communications of USF’s chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America. She is working closely with the Special Events Coordinator to help plan the Mass Communications Hallo-Weenie Roast.

In her free time, Hayley enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going to the beach, and reading. She also dabbles in graphic design, drawing, and crafting.

With one internship already under her belt, Hayley is well-equipped for the new and exciting tasks OSC will provide. She looks forward to working closely with Sasha, Maggie, OSC clients, and vendors to ensure an amazing planning experience and an even better event!


Wordless Wednesday

Hello beauties! This Wordless Wednesday is dedicated to wedding hairstyles. Whether you have short or long hair, prefer updos or loose locks, there is plenty of inspiration within these photos. Enjoy!











the-waterfall-braid-wedding-hairstyle Fishtail-Braid-Wedding-Hairstyle









Jennifer Melo

Photo Chamber

Cara Beth

A Complete Life




Confetti Day Dreams


Hallelujah Weddings

Wine Basics 101!

Let's Learn About Wine!, Oh So Classy Events.jpg

Pairing the perfect wine with a meal for a special occasion or party can really do wonders! But if you find yourself a wine newbie like I once was when I thought there was only two types white and red you can start feeling pretty lost in the wine aisle. Sauvignon Blanc, Chianti, Riesling, all these words can sound rather foreign and intimidating. With a little knowledge though you can confidently order wine and select wine for a special event such as a dinner party, wedding, anniversary, or any other special gathering.

Now something to keep in mind is the difference between white and red wine. There is only one main difference between the two other then what types of grapes are used in each. White wine is made using skinless white grapes while red wine is made with red grapes with skin and seeds. Some reds and whites can have similar tastes regardless of the differences of color, grapes, and grape skin. So the color alone cannot be a indicator of taste, or else wine would be a lot easier to be knowledgable about! Below we have put together charts for red and white wines and popular types of each and their descriptions:

Red Wine

Red Wine, Oh So Classy Events         Red Wine, Oh So Classy Events

White Wine

White Wine, Oh So Classy Events

White Wine, Oh So Classy Events

Know What to Toast With:

For a Summer Picnic or BBQRose: Summer wine can be pretty much anything pink, this is light and perfect on a warm day

For a Pizza Night… Barbera: This Italian red is fruity and dark. It pairs beautifully with tomatoes and cheese

For a PartyPinot Noir: This is a light red so everyone can enjoy, even die hard white wine drinkers! Its a safe bet

For a Girls NightSparkling: This tends to be a festive wine, and its time to celebrate with your girlfriends

We hope this will help you the next time you are going down the wine aisle! Oh So Classy Events is always happy to help you plan your next party or get-together, including the wine selection! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite choice of wine is.

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