3 Tips on Choosing Your Bridesmaids!

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Today we are marking the start of a series of blog posts dedicated to bridesmaids! Enjoy the post below and look forward for more to come on bridesmaids 🙂


Now that you’ve been asked ‘Will you marry me?’ the next question to be popped is ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ Most women dream about the man they are going to marry. Equally as important to women though is who will be standing with them while they marry the man of their dreams! A bride’s bridesmaids and maid of honor are some of the most important women in her life. They are the women that have made the bride who she is today. These women will help her not only through the wedding but also her marriage and life. Oh So Classy Events has put together some tips for our brides on how to decide on their bridesmaids:

1. Take some time and communicate

You’ve just answered a pretty epic question and your emotions are probably running pretty high, to say the least. Take some time to really think over this decision and reflect. Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is not something you can take back unless it is in a dramatic fashion. Although the maid of honor destroying a giant cookie and chocolate fountain in the movie Bridesmaids is comedic genius, it isn’t so funny when it’s happening to you.

Gushing over every detail of your future wedding is very tempting to any bride, but be advised when it comes to the bridal party a bride should tread carefully. This is an important discussion for a bride and groom. Sit down with your fiancé to discuss the size and possible candidates for your wedding party.

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2. Lets get personal

Some thought needs to go toward the potential bridesmaid’s life and her past. Let’s be honest being a bridesmaid can take some time and money, both things that can be low in supply at times for everyone. So you need to consider what each of your possible bridesmaids has going on in their personal life from now until the wedding. Also you need to consider how important these two factors are in your wedding. If you don’t mind having your bridal party in less expensive dresses and doing things without their help then this isn’t as much as a factor for you. If you do mind, then consider these factors when deciding on each bridesmaid.

A bride should also consider past situations and their relationship with each candidate. This is a little preview of how all the events leading up to the big day, and how the big day will go with this particular person. Is she going to cause a scene? Will she be respectful of your wishes and help with the wedding? Is she going to embarrass you?


3. Look at the whole picture

It is important to look at how the bridal party will work together. Although each member plays an important role in your life, this doesn’t mean that each one of them can work together in one place. Be careful and considerate of how others feel about one another. No bride wants to be in the middle of a war between bridesmaids. It’s hard enough to be in the middle of a fight, adding in the stress of a wedding is only going to make it harder to deal with.


We hope these tips will be helpful to you on selecting your bridesmaids! The connection that bridesmaids and brides have is truly amazing. It is something that will be kept forever!

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Southern Weddings
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Studio 280 Photography
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