Wine Basics 101!

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Pairing the perfect wine with a meal for a special occasion or party can really do wonders! But if you find yourself a wine newbie like I once was when I thought there was only two types white and red you can start feeling pretty lost in the wine aisle. Sauvignon Blanc, Chianti, Riesling, all these words can sound rather foreign and intimidating. With a little knowledge though you can confidently order wine and select wine for a special event such as a dinner party, wedding, anniversary, or any other special gathering.

Now something to keep in mind is the difference between white and red wine. There is only one main difference between the two other then what types of grapes are used in each. White wine is made using skinless white grapes while red wine is made with red grapes with skin and seeds. Some reds and whites can have similar tastes regardless of the differences of color, grapes, and grape skin. So the color alone cannot be a indicator of taste, or else wine would be a lot easier to be knowledgable about! Below we have put together charts for red and white wines and popular types of each and their descriptions:

Red Wine

Red Wine, Oh So Classy Events         Red Wine, Oh So Classy Events

White Wine

White Wine, Oh So Classy Events

White Wine, Oh So Classy Events

Know What to Toast With:

For a Summer Picnic or BBQRose: Summer wine can be pretty much anything pink, this is light and perfect on a warm day

For a Pizza Night… Barbera: This Italian red is fruity and dark. It pairs beautifully with tomatoes and cheese

For a PartyPinot Noir: This is a light red so everyone can enjoy, even die hard white wine drinkers! Its a safe bet

For a Girls NightSparkling: This tends to be a festive wine, and its time to celebrate with your girlfriends

We hope this will help you the next time you are going down the wine aisle! Oh So Classy Events is always happy to help you plan your next party or get-together, including the wine selection! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite choice of wine is.

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