How To: Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding


Having kids at your wedding could be the greatest idea ever and the not-so-greatest idea ever. It’s been a long time debate that some have a strong opinion on and whether or not you decide to invite them is entirely your choice. However, if you do make the decision on having a few (or more) kiddos at your wedding, you definitely need to make sure they’re entertained. I mean, could you imagine being young and having to sit quietly for hours? Exactly! So it’s time to step out of your adult comfort zone and think to yourself, “how do I entertain these kids?”


The first thing to do is to include them in your wedding. Depending on how many children you’ve invited, there is always something that needs to be done, big or small. Obviously, there are the two big roles: flower girl and ring bearer. Then you have to think of the little things, like passing out brochures or assisting guests to their seats. It might sound silly, but kids like feeling useful, and even the smallest task can make them enjoy your day just a bit more!


Another great idea is having a kid’s table, where all the children are sitting together. Kids can usually entertain kids fairly easily and having them at separate tables beckons for them to be getting out of their seat and running over to the next one. It also makes it easier for meal choices and allowing the adults to have more adult-friendly conversations. Win/Win!


If you’re feeling really generous, you can create a DIY activities bag. A few coloring sheets, some crayons, and a dollar store puzzle can keep kids entertained at least until food is served. The more attention kids have on the activity bag, the less they have on doing something else. 


Lastly, and the easiest route, is to create some activity on the dance floor! Adding some limbo, the cha cha slide, or other kid-approved games, gets kids onto the floor and having some fun. Plus, your adult guests might be happy to have the mix on the dance floor as well!


Again, having kids at your wedding is entirely your choice. But, if you do decide to have them, it’s always a good idea to keep them entertained and enjoying your day as much as you are!


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