Easy Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding


What woman planning a wedding in 2014 doesn’t use Pinterest? If you raised your hand, it’s time that you start. Remember back when your mom was planning her wedding (okay, you probably weren’t born yet, but you get the idea) and she had to come up with creative ideas on her own, if she even had anything creative at her wedding? Now, there is no need to sweat. You can just click on one small “wedding” link under the interests tab and BAM your entire wedding could be planned out for you with just a few clicks. However, there are a few tips that could really get the ball the rolling and you using Pinterest like a Wedding Planner pro. 

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 5.34.58 PM

1. Follow People Who Know What They’re Doing
At this point in the game, you have probably heard of websites like Wedding Wire or The Knot. Well guess what, they have Pinterest! Look around, I am sure a majority of the websites you’re using are actively using a Pinterest where they’re “pinning” all their favorite ideas. By following the pros, you can see what’s in and get some really creative ideas that aren’t just found by a random pinner.


2. Download the “Pin It” Bookmark
This is actually the best thing I have ever used when it comes to an add on for a website. The “Pin It” bookmark downloads directly onto your browser and you can use it in conjunction with any other website you may be looking at. For example, say you’re on a bakery’s website and you see a beautiful cake in their portfolio. You’d like to “pin” the image of the cake for future reference but don’t want to save the image and upload it and link it and so on. With this handy dandy button, all you need to do is click it and a pop up will appear asking you what image you’d like to pin. You can choose your board, write a little caption, and pin!  That’s all! So easy.


3. Use the Search Bar
I have come to notice that not a lot of people take advantage of the search bar. They check their interest pages, their home page, maybe the popular one, but rarely do they ever actually type something in. I beg you, please use it to your advantage! Let’s say you have your entire theme planned out. You want to go coastal. Sandy, pastel colors with white chairs and seashells. How silly would it be to go through pages upon pages of anything related to a wedding? Just search “coastal wedding” and alas, a bunch of pins related to coastal weddings. You can also type in things like, “wedding nail designs” or “floral updos.” Get detailed, get specific. Pinterest loves it.


4. Pin Away but Don’t Really Pin Away
One of the greatest things about Pinterest is that you can pretty much “pin” anything. Have a few boards related to your wedding (think details, venue, dresses, etc.) because one board just won’t be enough. However, be wary of your pins. You don’t want to be planning your wedding later on only to see twelve centerpieces you once thought was cute during a brief moment cloud your judgment. Pin some stuff you love, that you’d want at your wedding. Don’t go overboard. 


5. Involve Your Bridesmaids 
Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn’t, but you can invite people to add pins to your boards as well! Create an entire board just for you and your bridesmaids to use. Then, they can add on ideas that you may not have seen or possibly dresses that they would actually like to wear (crazy idea). Just click the board you want them to contribute on and invite them through e-mail. If you can’t trust your bridesmaid’s input, then they probably shouldn’t be your bridesmaids (just kidding). 

So now it’s time to sign up for that account (if you haven’t already) and start pinning away! Good luck, and say goodbye to your social life. Cheers!


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