5 Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained on Your BIG Day

While most of the wedding planning focuses on perfecting the bride’s day down to the last detail, brides are paying more attention to insuring that their guests are not only witness to a beautiful union, but also entertained.  Oftentimes, receptions held in one grand room provide little escape for people who don’t love eardrum-busting top hits.  Or a huge back up happens at the guest book.  To keep your guests entertained and surprised, try the 5 following tips!


1.  Make the Guest Book Interactive –  The typical album of images or lined paper guest books are a fantastic way for relatives to write well wishes to the newlyweds.  However, each person does not always get to put their own personal touch on their wishes.  In order to capture your guests’ truest form, make the guest book interactive!  Surprise guests by having them put on their creativity hats and pose for polaroids that create a unique piece of reception decor.  Or have guests write their favorite memory of the couple and pin it to a burlap pinboard.  Your guests will have a ball reading all the details of your relationships! It’s also a great way for guests to get to know one another.

2. Keep the Kids Occupied – To invite the kids or not to invite the kids?  There is no right answer, but if you do choose to invite children, their parents will most likely be concerned about keeping them occupied while the bridal party is speaking or during a tear-jerking Father-Daughter dance.  Ease their minds by providing an activity basket for all your younger guests including coloring books and word searches.

3.  Hire the Professionals – Couples are constantly upping the ante so to speak.  If entertainment is a big concern for you, outsource it.  Consider showcasing some local entertainers such as salsa dancers who can really get the dance floor going.  In the Tampa area, cigar rollers are a big hit.  It is also a nice way to keep the gentlemen entertained when the ladies are dancing to Whitney Houston songs.

4.  Challenge Your Guests –  Particularly perfect for competitive couples, incorporating some challenges into the reception is a effective ice breaker for guests.  If your venue has an outdoor area which you can take advantage of, create an Olympics of lawn games with bocce, horseshoes, croquet, etc.  When this isn’t an option, including an adult version of I-Spy at each place setting can get the competitive juices flowing.

5. Let Them Eat….. A Lot! – Foodie couples can showcase their favorite cuisine in mass at their wedding.  Candy bars that are cohesive with your color palette are an elegant way to instantly insert some late night sweets.  Maybe you know for certain that the dance floor will be packed and your friends will need a late night snack?  Bring in a food truck for late night fried foods to counteract some of those signature cocktails before sending your guests home.

Regardless of how you opt to entertain your guests, keep in mind that your wedding should reflect you and your partner.  Be creative, and have fun planning!  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an event that uniquely showcases your relationship.



Wordless Wednesday: Guestbooks + Guest Activites

It seems that the days of a traditional guest book and music as your wedding entertainment are long past.  Nowadays, couples are looking to entertain all their guests, not just the ones that like to cut a rug and write well wishes.  That may mean photobooths, creating images from fingerprints, or signing your name over your hometown on a globe.  Below you will find a few options for guest entertainment whether you are a quirky, traditional, jet-setting, romantic, or game loving couple.