Carrie & Brad’s Beachside Wedding

Carrie and Brad’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings we have had this year so far. Their ceremony took place barefoot on Anna Maria Beach, and their reception was held at a completely (and privately) rented out beachside hotel. Only a small scare occurred the day before with a high chance of rain that we fortunately avoided! With fun cupcakes for everyone, a bongo player on the beach at sunset, drinks that kept on pouring, and a DJ that took the party to the next level, it was only natural that half of their party ended up in the pool by the end of the night. Our favorite part: when Carrie and Brad held their beers high while being introduced as newlyweds. Take a look below at this fun couple’s fun and gorgeous beachside wedding!

ceremony site 6
Ceremony site 1
Ceremony site 2

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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Picking a wedding photographer/videographer can be a bit stressful! Remember these pictures will be seen by your family, friends and future generations to come (no pressure). Do not leave choosing a photographer/videographer until the last minute. Selecting a wedding photographer is just as important as picking your dream wedding dress, venue, decorations and invitations! Here’s a quick guide to picking a wedding photographer/videographer less stressful and more enjoyable!

PhotoJournalism Style
Photojournalism Style

My Style is ____________.

Prior, to researching wedding photographers it’s crucial to know what type of wedding style photography you would like! For example:

  • Traditional: Most of these images are highly posed and require high levels of intervention from the photographer on adjusting body alignment, attire, background as well as equipment. These photographs could be compared to something your parents or even grandparents wedding photographs.
  • Fine Art: These images focus mainly on details and have a clear creative style. This type of style is a fun way for couples to be able to represent their personality and love story through photographs.

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Wordless Wednesday: Clever Engagement & Wedding Photos

“A picture says a thousand words,” is a phrase most of us have heard of at least once in our lives, and most of us will agree that it is true! Below you will find some clever engagement as well as wedding photo ideas that will make you want to get your photo session on!

Engagement Photos:

Project Wedding Blog
Project Wedding Blog
From Bridal Guide
Bridal Guide
The Ones We Love Photography
The Ones We Love Photography

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Top 5: Don’t Forget the Things You’ll Forget!

Sounds kind of like a Dr. Seuss book title, doesn’t it? He always had the best advice for us while growing up and now we need some advice as adults! Especially now, as we start planning that big day that’ll forever change your life (no pressure). As you start planning your day, you’ll know to hit the big must-do’s: dress, venue, guest list, food, cake, and many more. But, there are so many things leading up to the day, during the day, and even after the day that so many brides push back into their mind. It’s time to bring those details forward so you can truly enjoy this time- forgetfulness free!

1. Who’s taking everything after the night’s over?

Let’s be honest, what are you going to do with eight huge floral arrangements? Who’s bringing all your gifts home for you or placing them in your hotel room? What about all the decorations? Who’s taking them down and where are they going? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and get answers to before your day! If you have a planner (get a planner), they can handle a few of these things for you so you’re not worrying about it. If not, talk to some friends and family members. See who can take some decorations temporarily at the end of the night or see who wants to take home a beautiful centerpiece that you’re not going to want. Make sure you have plans for all these things so at 1:00am you’re not chasing people down for a car to throw this important stuff in!

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Wordless Wednesday: The Smaller Details

The smaller things of a wedding can be forgotten so easily. With so many options for everything big, how is a bride supposed to remember the small? However, the smallest of details can be the biggest of things that your guests talk about. It can even become the thing that pulls everything together! So today, for our Wordless Wednesday, we are featuring all the small details that can be the feature of your wedding, or worse, forgotten!

Signature Drink

Ceremony Sign
Ceremony Sign

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Recently, destination weddings have gained more popularity than ever! Most couples choosing to have a destination wedding are seen as naturally adventurous, and of course, lovers of travel! Before making any decisions though, a couple should do their research, and see if this type of wedding is for them. Here are a few Pros & Cons that could help to get you thinking if a destination wedding truly is for you!

No need for decorations! The backdrop says it all!
No need for decorations! The backdrop says it all!

First, the PROS:

Pro: Intimate

It truly is up to the couple to evaluate who they would like to be in attendance. Most destination weddings will have 2 to 50 guests in attendance, and with a smaller guest list the couple is able to truly enjoy their big day with the people that matter most. Another plus to having an intimate wedding is eliminating the possibility of disappointment due to not having to invite those who lets just say, aren’t a priority to have in attendance (yet, you still would feel obligated to invite them to your wedding at home).Read More »