Why We Love What We Do and 5 Ways It Makes a Difference

Many times brides know they want and need a wedding planner, but have a hard time explaining the reasons why to their fiancé, parents or others who are unaware of exactly what we do as planners and how it makes a real difference in the wedding planning experience and most importantly, the wedding day itself!


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1. Budget:

Let’s face it – weddings are expensive. And because of this, many people may believe that wedding planning services are not affordable, and just “an unecessary added expense.” Quite the contrary! As planners, we’re not just experienced in making events come together beautifully; we also make sure you are paired with the best vendors for your budget and needs. Not only are we helping you make affordable decisions, we’re making sure that we do the math to the last nickel and dime, so that you can get the best bang for you buck. We’ve saved our couples from hundreds to thousands of dollars and continue to build on that experience. As if that’s not enough, many of our amazing vendors offer our couples considerate discounts, offers and incentives – so the investment you’re making in your planning services is truly going right back in your pocket.

2. Guidance:

I’m sure by now you know that there is quite the information overload within wedding planning. There’s just so much to know and be aware of, and things you haven’t even thought through yet (like what is reasonable to spend on certain items, who will be doing readings during your ceremony, and what song will be playing during your cake cutting). But we’re here for that! And not only do we guide you through all the little (and big!) details, we also guide your vendors leading up to the wedding, as well as on the big day. We consider ourselves financial advisors, educators, counselors, negotiators, designers and coordinators all wrapped up in one!

3. Stress:

The last thing any bride should be during some of the most exciting moments of her life, is stressed. There’s absolutely no way you can soak it all in if your stress levels are at an all time high. For many, this stress just comes from the amount of information and detail involved (refer to number 2 above) in making all these decisions that ultimately come together to make your wedding day. Even when you have family and friends to help, they may get just as overwhelmed and not quite know how to handle unforseen situations. Here, we always discuss a plan B far in advance and make sure that you’re covered when it comes to everything from vendor contracts to your venue’s policies and even the option of wedding insurance. Plus, we’ll always provide you with our best expert advice and make sure to keep you on track within your custom wedding planning timeline and to-do’s. We send you reminders when needed and provide you with unlimited communication.

4. Time:

Because we know you have a life to be had, loved ones to care for, a job to work and sometimes even school to study for, we’re aware that your time is very limited and therefore you may feel that any free time you currently do have is being fully overtaken by your wedding planning. Our job is to make sure that we help you use your time effectively so that you can have some of that free time still available. As our client, we will never call you and interrupt your day without scheduling a time that works for you first, and we are available via email so that you can communicate with us on your time and refer back to these discussions whenever you need to. If you’re taking time off of work to attend vendor meetings, we do our best to make that time as productive as possible so that we can minimize the effect that your wedding planning may have on your schedule.

5. Memories:

Our favorite reason, and the main reason we do what we do! This is the time for you and your loved ones to make memories! You would never believe how many times we hear other newlyweds say how much they regret not hiring a wedding planner. And it’s because they ended up feeling like their wedding day (and all the planning leading up to it) was a chore for them. Not here! We make sure that you’ll be a guest at your own wedding, while we work it. Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most important days of your life, and we are here to make sure that you spend it having fun, enjoying your loved ones and truly immersing yourself in those unforgettable moments!

So there you have it! We may be a little biased, but we are huge advocates of having a wedding planner, and have major love for all of our fellow planners throughout the country and the world for doing the hard but SO very much rewarding work that is our job – making wedding days and celebrations the most memorable they can be!


4 thoughts on “Why We Love What We Do and 5 Ways It Makes a Difference

  1. Hey this is a great read and very true! As a planner, I notice that Brides often opt out of using a planner from beginning to end thinking that it is a waste of money but the experience you get and the amount of stress you don’t even have is a tremendous help alone. This article captures that and more. Thanks

    • Thank you, Nikki! 🙂 Some brides just need to be informed of how truly beneficial it is to have a planner – regardless of the city, state or country. You’re so welcome, feel free to share with your brides!

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