Recently, destination weddings have gained more popularity than ever! Most couples choosing to have a destination wedding are seen as naturally adventurous, and of course, lovers of travel! Before making any decisions though, a couple should do their research, and see if this type of wedding is for them. Here are a few Pros & Cons that could help to get you thinking if a destination wedding truly is for you!

No need for decorations! The backdrop says it all!
No need for decorations! The backdrop says it all!

First, the PROS:

Pro: Intimate

It truly is up to the couple to evaluate who they would like to be in attendance. Most destination weddings will have 2 to 50 guests in attendance, and with a smaller guest list the couple is able to truly enjoy their big day with the people that matter most. Another plus to having an intimate wedding is eliminating the possibility of disappointment due to not having to invite those who lets just say, aren’t a priority to have in attendance (yet, you still would feel obligated to invite them to your wedding at home).

Pro: Less Stress Levels (believe it or not)

Many resorts that are becoming popular for destination weddings and are now offering wedding packages! These wedding packages include just about everything a couple would need on their big day: officiant, photographer, flowers, videographer, hair & makeup artist, decorations (minimal but, let’s be honest – you have a gorgeous backdrop), and even the benefit and convenience of a wedding planner! The resorts also offer great discounts for your visiting guests. The great part of having these wedding packages is that it is all-inclusive and you won’t have to stress about all the little details while being 1000 miles away!

Pro: Relaxation for All & Quality Time

Having a destination wedding means you are giving your guests the opportunity to have a mini-vacation. Guests typically stay an average of 3-4 days. Since, your guests are spending quite a bit of money to travel they might as well get the most of it. You and your guests may want to partake on activities that are offered both on and off the resort before and after the wedding! If all relatives have not yet had the chance to meet, this could be their chance to get to know each other better, and spend some good quality time together!

Now, the CONS: 

01 Con: Cost Concerns for Guests

A couple should realize that for a destination wedding, guests will be spending to attend compared to a traditional wedding because of the travel & hotel expenses. To some guests, the cost could be an issue and the main reason they may not be able to attend. This could mean that some of the people who matter most to the couple may not be by their side. If you are planning a destination wedding, it would be ideal to talk to those individuals who you would like to see present at your wedding, and see if they would be able to attend. Also, a couple should make sure to give guests more than enough time – 9-12 months at the least – to make the proper accommodations and save on expenses!

02 Con: Making it Count

Prior to choosing the destination for your wedding make sure to do your research! It is recommended that you research and list (which will help ultimately in choosing the location) the countries that will allow you to legally bind a marriage ceremony. Also, make sure you are well aware of any other requirements that country may need in order to get married. After all, you want it to be legally recognized, both there and at home!

03 Con: Learning to Trust

For most couples planning a destination wedding, it is likely that they have never visited that location. Glancing through online photos may help quite a lot in deciding where to wed. However, photographs could be deceiving at times, and it the last thing you want is to take that chance of booking everything and then being disappointed by the result. Depending on a couple’s budget, it may be ideal to include a trip to their destination prior to the wedding. This trip would give reassurance to the couple of making the right choice for their location! If this is not possible, another option could be speaking to other persons who have visited – or even better – couples who have wed there. Online reviews are also a great resource! Being thousands of miles away from your wedding site may cause anxiety for those individuals who like to be in control. The couple could definitely take part in the planning process effectively with the use of technology. If you have a destination wedding planner it may be beneficial to have skype sessions every once in a while, to make sure the planning is going smoothly and for your personal reassurance! Remember, choose a wedding planner that you feel you can trust, so that you’ll actually trust her!


We hope that this can help you in your decision to have a destination wedding and making your nuptials truly memorable!


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