Top 5: Don’t Forget the Things You’ll Forget!

Sounds kind of like a Dr. Seuss book title, doesn’t it? He always had the best advice for us while growing up and now we need some advice as adults! Especially now, as we start planning that big day that’ll forever change your life (no pressure). As you start planning your day, you’ll know to hit the big must-do’s: dress, venue, guest list, food, cake, and many more. But, there are so many things leading up to the day, during the day, and even after the day that so many brides push back into their mind. It’s time to bring those details forward so you can truly enjoy this time- forgetfulness free!

1. Who’s taking everything after the night’s over?

Let’s be honest, what are you going to do with eight huge floral arrangements? Who’s bringing all your gifts home for you or placing them in your hotel room? What about all the decorations? Who’s taking them down and where are they going? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and get answers to before your day! If you have a planner (get a planner), they can handle a few of these things for you so you’re not worrying about it. If not, talk to some friends and family members. See who can take some decorations temporarily at the end of the night or see who wants to take home a beautiful centerpiece that you’re not going to want. Make sure you have plans for all these things so at 1:00am you’re not chasing people down for a car to throw this important stuff in!

2. Last minute payments and documents

Seems like all you’ve been doing is throwing money around, right? However, some vendors do require last payments due at the wedding. Write a check out for each vendor and place each one separately in a clearly labeled envelope. This way, you (or your parents) aren’t writing any last minute checks while trying to get ready. Also, make sure you have your wedding certificate done and ready for your officiant right when they arrive. If you don’t have it, it won’t be good!


3. Confirming your vendors

Do you have a wedding planner? Great! If your planner is good, you can completely skip this advice and move onto the next since they should have this covered. If not, you should dedicate some time a week before your day to contacting vendors to confirm arrival and arrival times. This will completely eliminate the stress of wondering where your vendor may be and if they could have forgotten about your day. Make sure you get a verbal or written confirmation from the person or company themselves that they’re coming and at what time. Don’t just trust your friend’s sister that her brother who’s your photographer is coming. Talk to him yourself!


4. The very small things
You remembered the guestbook for everyone to sign but did you recall buying pens for everyone to sign it with? You remembered to order your cake, but do you have a cake knife (especially important if your caterer isn’t told they have to cut the cake ahead of time.)? You remember to get the open bar, but do you have toasting flutes for your all your toasts? These are the small things that are easy to forget but so important for the smoothness of your wedding day. Small things, big impact.


5. Say “Thanks!”

This one word goes a very, very long way but means the most to your guests. Thanking your friends and family who have taken time out of their lives to come celebrate your marriage is a huge thing, so pass it out! Vendors who, yes, you hired, but are doing a good job deserve a few thank you’s as well! It never hurts to show appreciation to everyone who is attending and working hard to make your day the best it can be. Just one word, remember to say it! People will remember, I promise!

6. Honorable Mention: Your Vendors!

Your vendors have come together to make your day as perfect as possible. You did hours of searching and meeting with them to find just the perfect planner, photographer, and DJ, it’s only fair to treat them right! Make sure they’re fed during your day, most of them are there for 8 hours or more and if you’re hungry, so are they. Vendor tables are ideal, but if the venue just doesn’t allow it, make sure there is somewhere else they can eat. Tips are always appreciated but not needed and make sure to give them reviews online! Wedding Wire, Yelp, and Google all are used to look up vendors and great reviews go a long way. Take a few minutes once you’re back from your honeymoon and give them a review- it’s the biggest and best thank you they can receive!


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