Flowers by Seasons Mini Guide


Many brides run into the problem of being absolutely in love with certain flowers yet, they are not season! If the wedding flowers you choose are out of season, you could be paying an arm and a leg! Although, it could potentially be heart breaking not having your favorite flowers in attendance at your wedding, it is better to be prepared and know which flowers will be in season during the month of your wedding. Here’s a quick guide to help brides in selecting some beautiful florals for their dream wedding!Read More »


Wordless Wednesday: Fall Wedding Florals

Flowers in today’s weddings create a gorgeous atmosphere and fill up a room with so much life, and color. With a simple touch of flowers, a room that was once dull could be transformed into something unique, by defining the wedding’s colors and/or theme as well as conveying the couple’s personal style. Below you will find some stunning bridal bouquets, centerpieces and other decorations that feature flowers available for the Fall season!

The Lane
The Lane
Steve Depino Photography
Steve Depino Photography

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Jamii & Dane’s Outdoor Wedding

Today we send the sweetest of congratulations to our couple Jamii & Dane, who will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this month!

Their outdoor wedding at the Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast last fall was absolutely beautiful, and I loved every single detail! One of my favorites? Their adorable cake topper featuring them with their cat Harley and dog Tucker – so cute! The weather was perfect for celebrating these two and I am thrilled to have been a part of it all! You could definitely feel the unconditional love between them. I wish you both nothing but the very best and a continued happy and beautiful marriage together!!

xoxo ~ Sasha



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10 Tips to a Healthy Relationship After 100 Happy Months


Today marks 100 months since my husband, Nico, and I have officially been together.  100 months ago today a goofy teenager danced around Busch Gardens, a Tampa theme park, and asked me to be his girlfriend in the parking lot.  Not exactly the beginning of one of Keats’ romantic poems, but it is the beginning of our story.

Many relationships have seen 100 months come and go unnoticed, but I think that is what makes us special – the little things.  As this milestone approached, I found myself thinking more and more about acknowledging the little details that make a healthy relationship.  The things that you may think don’t matter once you’ve seen each other naked are the most important.

Below, Nico and I have compiled a list of tidbits of advice to couples out there looking to build a healthy relationship…whether you’re in month 1 or 101.

1. Manners –  You’ve probably cursed at your partner more than anyone else, but don’t forget your please’s and thank you’s.   When I clean the house, I always get a thank you.  When I ask for a favor, I always say please.  Just because typical formalities are out the window, doesn’t mean that you should stop showing your partner that you’re grateful for what they do.

2. Smooch – In the beginning, you kissed A LOT right? Well, just because your intimacy has advanced doesn’t mean that kissing is an old trick.  I read once that you should make out for 15 minutes minimum everyday.  And it works!  There’s a special little intimacy to kissing that you should never underestimate.Read More »