Wordless Wednesday: Cocktail Hour


It’s time to give cocktail hour some much needed TLC. As being the part of the evening that the bride and groom don’t necessarily get to enjoy, cocktail hour is often overlooked and pushed aside. Well, not anymore! We’re here to give you some ideas and inspiration to make your cocktail hour just as beautiful, entertaining, and delicious as the rest of your day. Whether you go for that sparkle or perhaps a game, it’s time to get the drinks flowing and the music going because we have a cocktail hour, my friends!

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Vendor Spotlight: Hands on Sweets

As you walk into Hands on Sweets, the scent of baked goods pulls you in – deliciously sweet and beyond welcoming. You’re always greeted with a smile and from there, you get a small peek at the possibilities of what they can create, with cake designs scattered throughout their cute little shop in Tampa. You can see that there is not just one design, one color, one style — and trust us when we say there’s more options than you could ever dream of!
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Chef Marie & Chef Carlos, at their Hands on Sweets bake shop in Tampa
Husband and wife team Chef Marie and Chef Carlos have perfected the art and taste of cakes and desserts. Choose flavors and design a wedding cake, or have them create an entire desserts spread featuring multiple sweets for your guests. No matter what you choose, this sweet duo will be there to lead the way and assist in all of your wedding day dessert needs!
We asked Chef Marie, owner and pastry cheF, to give us the scoop about sweets, business and everything in between!


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Wordless Wednesday: Cakes & Desserts!

Ruffled Blog
Ruffled Blog

Cake, cupcakes, french macarons, pies, and chocolate moose. Whatever it may be, you can’t go wrong with desserts. Some couples go with the classic wedding cake, while others lean towards a dessert table with all the options! There is no wrong way to do it when it comes to dessert, and it’s the perfect way to top off the night. Today, we’re featuring all the best when it comes to your wedding day desserts. Bring on your sweet tooth and have a cookie handy because you will get that craving after today’s post!

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Vendor Spotlight: Kate Ryan Linens

Tampa Wedding Planner - Oh So Classy Events / Photos by Ailyn La Torre Photography Tampa Florida Weddings, Wedding Planners and Linen, Wedding Vendors, Kate Ryan Linens, Oh So Classy Events

Have you ever walked into someone’s closet and were in complete awe at the array of clothes they had? You’ll have a very similar experience when walking into Kate Ryan Linen’s studio in Tampa. With so many different options, colors, fabrics, styles, you won’t know where to start! Thankfully, Kristin Rose is there to help you and boyis she good at what she does.

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The Facts about Weddings!

Wedding Planner Tampa

Did you know that couples are spending more money than ever on weddings? And why shouldn’t they? This is the biggest day of their life and it should be celebrated! We personally dug deep and got all the statistics about wedding costs and how it all compares. So couples, no more second guessing on if you should get premium open bar or hire a wedding planner (ahem)!

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Trashing the Dress: Taking Sides


Most likely, you didn’t hear about many people who trashed their wedding dress until late last year when the trend suddenly went viral once again. I’m sure you had heard all about Shelby Swink, the woman who was left groom-less a week before her wedding day and decided of course she would document her trashing the dress she was never going to use.

Before recently, trashing the dress wasn’t even an idea. It became a trend back in 2001 when a Las Vegas photographer, John Michael Cooper, did the first photoshoot of a bride posing in her wedding dress in unconventional settings. Thus was born an age of jumping into the ocean and climbing trees in a gorgeous gown.

Since then, people have taken sides and they either love it (looking at you, photographers) or they hate it. Here, we’ll address both sides of the argument and you can take your official side on trashing the dress.

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