Disney Fairytale Wedding Convention


One of the best benefits of being located in Tampa is the close proximity to one of the most magical places on Earth, Disney World! Another benefit is being able to attend their Wedding Convention that showcased everything from decor options, food, cakes, and so much more. We really got to experience everything that is a Disney wedding, and get some ideas for our own personal brides who may not want to shell out the big bucks to have a “Disney Wedding.” Please excuse our iPhone pictures, I thankfully call myself a planner and NOT a photographer!

The showcase started off with a beautiful pink fairy who ushered everyone in to the showcase. From there, it was a free for all of everything wedding and everything Disney. You’re greeted with the iconic Cinderella carriage, that everyone just had to get a picture of (including us) since there is nothing that screams Disney more than arriving or leaving your day in something like this.


Then, it was the decor. Scattered around the ballroom were different table options, arranging from an all white sweetheart table to a black and yellow theme. Just like many vendors, Disney does not skimp on ideas and options! The big question though was “how does the bride and groom get in and out of that couch?!”


The best thing about the showcase was the food. Thank goodness I skipped lunch that day because after just three samples of cake, I was stuffed. However, that didn’t really stop us from trying freeze-dried ice cream with hot caramel sauce, the milk & cookie bar, and oh so much more. We are always truly impressed when it comes to cake decorators from around the nation, and Disney did not fail us! Take a look at these cake and cake topper options, they’re truly amazing. And by the way, those cake toppers are all entirely edible (white chocolate, my friend). Disclaimer: We’re sorry if this post makes you hungry. We take no responsibility in this. 😉








From there, the champagne flowed like water (kind of), photographers showed off their talent, and dresses were flaunted like they should be. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their wedding day?!


They also had a planning session available that we sat through on, which is so different than a planning session with a non-Disney planner. Instead of months of planning and decision making, they take just one day to sit down with you and decide everything. Of course, there is always room to change things before your day, but how different is that?! Which would you prefer? Being able to decide slowly, or doing everything on a whim?

Overall, it was a great showcase. So many brides that attended were there to just get ideas, eat the food, or even just to see what a Disney Wedding entails. It may have been raining that day, but the inside sparkled like Tinkerbell! If you’re thinking of having a Disney Wedding, consider attending the next showcase!


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