Trashing the Dress: Taking Sides


Most likely, you didn’t hear about many people who trashed their wedding dress until late last year when the trend suddenly went viral once again. I’m sure you had heard all about Shelby Swink, the woman who was left groom-less a week before her wedding day and decided of course she would document her trashing the dress she was never going to use.

Before recently, trashing the dress wasn’t even an idea. It became a trend back in 2001 when a Las Vegas photographer, John Michael Cooper, did the first photoshoot of a bride posing in her wedding dress in unconventional settings. Thus was born an age of jumping into the ocean and climbing trees in a gorgeous gown.

Since then, people have taken sides and they either love it (looking at you, photographers) or they hate it. Here, we’ll address both sides of the argument and you can take your official side on trashing the dress.


Why you should love it:
1. Have you seen these pictures? Most of them come out so colorful, so fun, so beautiful. If you get the right photographer with the right pictures, you are surely to be happy with some these.
2. It’s unique. I don’t know about you, but I do not know anyone personally who has trashed their dress. How cool would it be to show your kids your wedding photos to then come across some pictures of their beautiful mother soaked in the ocean? I would think my mom was pretty cool.
3. Most of the time, brides don’t use their actual wedding dress. Most dresses were purchased on the extreme cheap side or were even found at a thrift shop. Some aren’t even actual wedding dresses and only just seem like it(see below)! It’s fairly a win/win situation in this sense because you get to keep your actual dress looking like new but still get some stellar photos out of it.
4. Even if you did trash your actual dress, it may not truly be ruined. This is all thanks to a little thing called dry cleaning. It all depends on how you trash your dress.
5. Getting your anger out on divorce (or being left before the wedding). This is self explanatory. Instead of donating it or keeping what could have been, trash the heck out of it.
6. It’s the trend of devotion. Many brides who trash their dress the day after the wedding are showing to their new husbands that no dress=no more weddings.


Why you should hate it:
1. It’s wasteful. If you use your actual dress, you’re essentially destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars for some photos. Even if you don’t, you’re still taking a dress for the sole purpose of destroying it.
2. It could be dangerous. How far are you or the photographer willing to go to get a good shot? It has happened where a model has died from a trash the dress photoshoot (seriously).
3. You’re destroying something beautiful. Your wedding is such a beautiful day and so is your dress. It’s hard to imaging taking that and ruining it completely.
4. You’re the mother and/or father and you paid for the dress.
5. You just don’t like the trend. Whatever your reason, maybe you don’t like the photos, the idea of it, but something about it just rubs you the wrong way.

Whichever side you choose, it’s a very interesting trend that isn’t going away soon. Comment on what you think!


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