The Facts about Weddings!

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Did you know that couples are spending more money than ever on weddings? And why shouldn’t they? This is the biggest day of their life and it should be celebrated! We personally dug deep and got all the statistics about wedding costs and how it all compares. So couples, no more second guessing on if you should get premium open bar or hire a wedding planner (ahem)!

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In 2013, the average wedding cost was $29,858, excluding the honeymoon. Which may sound like a ton (and your jaw may have just dropped) but let’s do the math here!

The average number of guests to a wedding is 138. That’s only $216.36 per person for your wedding. Keep in mind, this is including drinks, food, DJ, venue, photographer, linens, florals, decor, and everything in-between. Let’s not forget the amazingness that is having all of your closest friends and family celebrating the biggest day of your life with you! And that, you can’t put a price tag on.

Now, more than ever, couples are creating a true wedding experience for their guests. They’re spending more time on Pinterest (70% of users have a wedding themed board) to get inspiration for their day. It’s becoming a form of self-expression and showcasing their personalities versus having a general white wedding.

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Trying to be a little unpredictable? Well, then you probably won’t be getting engaged in December – it’s the #1 month to pop the question. You also may also want to hold your big day in another month besides June or September, as  prices of venues and vendors can tend to soar because of how popular these months generally are in the industry.

Also, go ahead and consider having a destination wedding. About 24% of weddings are considered destination and not only is it unique, but you could potentially save quite a bit because less guests will be available to travel and attend.

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Now, onto the most important aspect of your day: the planning process. If you’re second-guessing your steps while planning the most important day of your life, think about hiring a wedding planner. Only 29% of couples do, which is silly – yes, we said it – considering a wedding planner can save you at minimum 10% of your budget and many times the service truly ends up paying for itself!

About 40% of brides spend 10-15 hours a week planning their own wedding and almost half spend 1-9 hours. Meanwhile, a planner will spend between 100-150 hours planning one’s wedding day, which means less time for the bride in front of a computer making vendor calls and researching, and more time for her to pick out cake flavors and go dress shopping (yay!).

So if you’re engaged, take a breather, realize that it’s okay to invest  in order to have the best day of your life. And really think about hiring a planner, the fact that 75% of couples say the phrase “let’s just elope” (without actually wanting to) during the planning processes is just too high. We’ll make it fun and memorable for you – that’s what we’re good at!

Good luck!


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