Wordless Wednesday: Trashing the Dress

Whether you love it or you hate it, trashing the dress makes for some pretty spectacular photos. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use your actual dress…many buy a second, much less expensive dress so they can keep their real dress looking as perfect as ever for the long haul. So take a look and let this post and ask the real question here: to trash or not to trash?

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Disney Fairytale Wedding Convention


One of the best benefits of being located in Tampa is the close proximity to one of the most magical places on Earth, Disney World! Another benefit is being able to attend their Wedding Convention that showcased everything from decor options, food, cakes, and so much more. We really got to experience everything that is a Disney wedding, and get some ideas for our own personal brides who may not want to shell out the big bucks to have a “Disney Wedding.” Please excuse our iPhone pictures, I thankfully call myself a planner and NOT a photographer!

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