Hidden Costs That Go Into a Wedding

We here at Oh So Classy take budgeting very seriously. A huge aspect of our job is making sure that you come in at target or even under budget for your big day. You may think to yourself “well, I think I’ve got my budget down.” Of course, you’ve written down the structure of your day, everything that will cost the most; food, drinks, music, venue, etc. However, it’s time to remember all those little things that will add up quite quickly if you don’t think ahead.
Today, we’ll go through some of the more forgotten pieces of your wedding so you aren’t hit with surprises throughout the way!


1. The Little Things

Those cute personalized cocktail napkins actually cost something. So does that vintage cake cutter and server that would match your theme just perfectly. Let us not also forget the welcome bags if you’re having anyone coming in from out of town. All these little items quickly add up, requiring adding a “miscellaneous items”  category into your budget.

2. Vendors

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but your vendors have to eat! Usually, catering will have specific vendor meals at a discount but occasionally, they cost just as much as a guest (ouch).  Don’t forget tipping your vendors if you feel they went above and beyond for you; although not expected, it is always appreciated. Keep in mind as well that if you hired a vendor for a certain amount of time, there is always a chance that you may need to add more hours on if your timeline is running behind. Basically, don’t assume that the one price you pay is your final price for any vendor.


3. Paper Goods

Sure, your invitations may be taken care of, but what about everything else? Postage can be a killer, with stamps as much as .49 as of April 2015, you’re looking at almost $50 alone to send out 100 invitations. Then tack on another $50 to send out those thank you notes after the wedding. Keep in mind as well if you want any programs for the ceremony, menus for the reception, and escort cards. You never thought paper could be so much, could you?

4. Pre-Wedding Costs

Giving a gift for your future bridesmaids, mani-pedis, and all those parties add up quickly. Keep in mind, anything wedding related is a wedding cost, even if it doesn’t fall on your big day. Some tips: find a photographer that includes engagement photos and have your day-of hair and make-up artist do your trial during that day. Maybe ask friends for a spa service during your bridal party to save to use until a day or two before the wedding. Always think ahead!


5. Getting Ready Costs

Please remember to feed yourself while getting ready! Although many hotels will send up some snacks if your event is located there, make sure you have a back up. Fruit, vegetables, cheese, your favorite cookies (if you dare), are all great to have on hand. Keep in mind as well that some hotels only include a room for one night and if you want to get ready there beforehand, you may have to book an extra night so you have the room that morning. Always a good idea to see what your location includes as far as getting ready.

6. The Back-Up Plan

You’re human and it’s normal to forget things. Make sure you have a designated person to assist in anything thats forgotten somewhere (this includes your coordinator or wedding planner). Always think ahead because  a last minute trip to pick up necessary items is never fun. In addition, if your wedding is outdoors and there is any chance of rain, make sure to have a second option. Not only would a tent be handy, but wedding insurance is a thing and a good thing to have at that.

Overall, make sure to plan ahead. A lot of these costs won’t hit you as hard as long as you prepare for them. You can always hire a great wedding planner to help you with budgeting all of these things as well!


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