Vendor Spotlight: Graingertainment!

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We absolutely love working with new vendors and Graingertainment is a huge example as to why. Purely by coincidence, two of our brides who had back-to-back weddings had booked them for their day before we had the chance to work alongside them. We were incredibly lucky since the Graingertainment team put on their A game for both nights and we had nothing to worry about when it came to entertainment. We here at Oh So Classy were so impressed with their hard work, music choices, and personalities, that they’ve become one of our favorite DJs to work with. we asked Chris, owner and DJ of Graingertainment, some questions about his rockin’ business!

Chris Grainger, owner and DJ of Graingertainment, and his wife

What got you started in DJing and how long have you been doing it?
It’s funny, but I was part of a hip hop group. We bought a PA system and some microphones so we could lay down those mad rhymes anywhere! A friend of mine was on a super tight budget and asked if I could help him out and play music at the wedding. I thought to myself, I can’t believe him and his fiancée are going to trust me with the music for their  wedding. The next day I found out that their guests had a great time! He gave me gift card to Shony’s and I thought I made it big time. I was nineteen then and as of June 13th, 2015 I will be thirty! As a company we’ve now done over 500 weddings!

What types of events do you generally do and what’s your favorite type of event to DJ?
Weddings. We love Weddings! What other event allows both families and friends to get together, see two people in love having one of the best days of their life, eat awesome food, drink awesome drinks, and party the night away?

What makes you stand out or different than other DJs in the area?
We have so many great DJs in this area. So this is always tough to talk about, but what we feel separates us, is that we listen. We listen to our customers and make sure they get exactly what they are wanting. We know when it comes to events or weddings, the client has a vision, and we want to make sure we are meeting every detail. From the first consultation, planning out the details, to the end of their event, giving them a big hug and thanking them. We want everything perfect for them.


What makes a good DJ versus a bad DJ?
A good DJ listens to the client, can read their crowd, is prepared, constantly updating their equipment, asking for feedback from past clients, always wanting to learn, and striving to be better.  A bad DJ, which I hate to think any of us are bad in Central Florida, would be someone that doesn’t listen, only plays what they want to hear, not prepared, not learning more about the business, and blames the client instead of himself.

Are there any wedding songs or cliches you’re tired of hearing or doing?
Putting the garter on the leg of the individual that catches the bouquet has to go. This is always so awkward for everyone. Nothing is weirder when you have a married woman catching the bouquet and a drunk single man catching the garter, and her husband is standing there watching.

How do you handle situations where the bride and groom want entirely different songs than the rest of the family?
This is our bride our groom’s big day. We want them to be able to listen to whatever songs or genres they want to listen to. In the planning stages before their wedding, we will suggest doing a mix for everyone (Which 99% is always the situation). Though, if they are determined to have their music played, then we will do what they want. If their family isn’t happy, then those individuals should get married or plan an event with Graingertainment and they can pick whatever music they like!

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What was the craziest or most fun event you’ve ever done?
We traveled to  North East, MD to a  camp ground called North Bay Adventure Camp. We took the train with all our equipment. The train took us to Virginia and then we drove from Virginia to Maryland. Our rooms had several bunk beds with a shared bathrooms. My wife and I felt like we were back in middle school summer camp. We were able to camp out all weekend with other vendors and both the bride and groom’s families. There was ziplinning, camp fires, corn hole, canoeing on the Chesapeake river, and beautiful weather!  Since we had a chance to talk and spend a few days together with the bride and groom, I felt the DJing part wasn’t work, just a chance to have fun with everyone

What’s your favorite type of music to listen to outside of DJing?
Absolutely love anything from the 90s and early 2000s. This can consist of “No Diggity” by Blackstreet to “One More Time” by Daft Punk.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking for a DJ for their wedding, what would it be?
Call them, video chat, or meet for coffee. Don’t just e-mail or text. Our technology makes it so easy not to have a face to face conversation, which we take away any emotions or feelings we might have that can be directed in human interaction. When you’re able to meet the DJ, you can usually tell right away if they are the right choice. Email or text makes it difficult.

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OH SO CLASSY EVENTS loves the enthusiasm and passion that the Graingertainment team brings to each event! You can keep up with Graingertainment on Facebook and Twitter and check out their outstanding reviews on Wedding Wire.

Chris and the rest of the team love to meet their potential clients before your big day. To discuss your music needs, you can contact them via their website or give them a call at 863-513-4935!

Photography: Chelsea Renay & Carrie Wildes


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