How To: Addressing Wedding Invitations!

A question we receive a lot here at Oh So Classy is “how do I address my Wedding invitations?” Today, we want to answer your question head on and give you a quick how-to on how to address those wedding invitations properly! Click below to read on!


First things first, your outer envelope is different than your inner envelope.

The inner envelope holds your entire invitation ensemble. This is your chance to directly address everyone in that household that is invited. No other information on this envelope is needed besides names.

If you are inviting a married couple 
If no children are invited, you would address the inner envelope as
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
If children are invited, the inner envelope would be
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Jessica, Jane, and Robert

If you are inviting a single guest
If they do not get a plus one, you would address the inner envelope as
Miss Jones
If they do get a plus one, the envelope would be
Miss Jones and guest
Miss Jones and Mr. Newman 


The outer envelope is for the mailing, which includes name and full address. Guests should be addressed as title, first, middle (optional), and last names.

For a married couple
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith
112 West Magnolia Street
Chicago, Illinois 60613

If you are inviting a single guest
Miss Sandy Jones
827 Fourteenth Street

Chicago, Illinois 60617

Now, these two situations (married or single) would apply to a majority of your guests. However, there are always times where they do not apply. Listed here some instances that you may come across:

Unmarried couple living together:
Outer: Mr. Paul Blake and Miss Lisa Short
Inner: Mr. Blake and Miss Short

Doctor  (medical: spell out the word, PhD: abbreviate the word):
Outer: Doctor Shane Williams
Inner: Doctor Williams

Both Doctors:
Outer: Drs Richard and Julie Edwards OR Dr. Richard Edwards and Dr. Julie Edwards
Inner: The Doctors Edwards


Some quick tips:
– If you decide to go with one envelope, make sure to address every person who is invited to the wedding. You may write “and family” vs. all children’s names and make sure to include “and guest” if a single person may bring someone.
– Be sure to leave abbreviations behind. The only abbreviations you should use are for titles or state names (if preferred).
– You may send separate invitations to families with children over the 18 that currently still live at home, but it is not necessary.
– While it is traditional to use last names, you may use first names on the inner envelope if you are going for a more casual feel.
– When it doubt, spell it out (ex: Miss, and, Street, Eighth)

Good luck!


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