Wordless Wednesday: Greenery

tropical greenery

What started off as a break in the mold, greenery has officially taken over weddings. No longer do you only see it in small forms, but large enough to make a statement. It doesn’t matter where your day takes place, greenery can be used indoors, outdoors, barns, or ballrooms, nothing can stop you from showing those green leaves! From brides bouquets to full centerpieces, it’s easy to incorporate this gorgeous trend into your day. Take a look below and get your green thumb ready because it’s time to take a peek!

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Wordless Wednesday: Pastels


In our world, you have to be months, even years, ahead of the game.  we are always planning for the seasons ahead! That is why today, we are featuring the use of pastel colors for all currently planning spring couples! Though we will say, we can’t think of a season where pastels are not welcome…after all, it’s your wedding! We hope these pictures will give you some inspiration, so come and take a look!

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The Secret’s Out: Our Wedding Styling Intensive for Tampa Bay Brides is Here!

Before really diving into their wedding planning, one of the processes we most see couples struggle with is figuring out how to style their wedding and make it reflective of their personalities and their love story. Aside from their (virtual) Pinterest wedding board, many brides come to us overwhelmed and not always sure on where to start, what they truly like and how to make it happen. We decided it was time to put together a small workshop for a select number of brides to help guide each attending bride-to-be through the basics with the help of some amazingly talented local vendors – and we are SO excited about it!!!
So without further ado…

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Our Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

What would we do without Pinterest? How would we decorate our home? Find recipes? Plan a wedding? It’s hard to imagine what we did before Pinterest was around, when recipes were in cook books, home decor ideas were from magazines and wedding ideas were cut and glued into binders. Nowadays, we have one website and one account that holds everything we could ever dream of. We can create that model home, learn how to crochet (that we swear we’ll get around to doing) and most importantly, the ultimate dream wedding. However, as much as we love Pinterest, there is a side of us that absolutely hates it. Now we know what you’re probably thinking, “how can a wedding planner hate Pinterest?!” And that’s a totally reasonable thought. Which is why we want to address this today and now…before Pinterest takes over your life and wedding without you even realizing it!

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