Our Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest

What would we do without Pinterest? How would we decorate our home? Find recipes? Plan a wedding? It’s hard to imagine what we did before Pinterest was around, when recipes were in cook books, home decor ideas were from magazines and wedding ideas were cut and glued into binders. Nowadays, we have one website and one account that holds everything we could ever dream of. We can create that model home, learn how to crochet (that we swear we’ll get around to doing) and most importantly, the ultimate dream wedding. However, as much as we love Pinterest, there is a side of us that absolutely hates it. Now we know what you’re probably thinking, “how can a wedding planner hate Pinterest?!” And that’s a totally reasonable thought. Which is why we want to address this today and now…before Pinterest takes over your life and wedding without you even realizing it!

There a handful of reasons as to why we, as wedding planners, hate Pinterest. The first reason: Too Many Pins. When brides come to us with a 500 pin wedding board with different themes, colors, decor, and food, we, as well as the bride, have no idea where to start. Do you like purple? Blue? Rustic? Romantic? When you start pinning away at everything that you think is “pretty” it gets pretty tough to start narrowing it down. When we can finally start a new, fresh board, we can begin the process of eliminating until we understand what our couple actually wants for their big day.

This brings us to issue number two: Your Budget. As much as we want to give you $10k wedding that looks like you have an unlimited budget, we can’t. Unfortunately, a majority of what you see on Pinterest are from weddings or shoots with high budgets, which is why it’s been pinned so many times. Even if the article claims to get you four-foot-tall floral centerpieces for under $100, it’s probably inaccurate. We can do our best to get you the things you love within your budget, but being realistic is key. The best part is, we can offer all different types of alternatives that you may just love more!

Also keep realism is mind when dealing with issue number 3: Silly Articles are Silly. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen “Your Wedding for under $1,000!” or “DIY Your Music- It’s Better this Way!” We’ll be straight with you now, nope and nope. Weddings are expensive for a reason, there is a lot of work and talent to make your day as special as it can be. Don’t get us wrong, you can definitely have a beautiful and perfect wedding on a smaller budget, but the advice these articles give are just plain wrong. It kills us to see that these silly, uneducated articles are being pinned around hundreds of times. Don’t let them fool you!

Lastly is issue number 4: Copying is a Big No-No. If you were to bring in a picture of a tattoo to a tattoo artist, a good artist will take inspiration from that picture to create something unique for you. This is also what a good wedding vendor will do to make sure not only that your wedding is different and unique, but that they aren’t just a carbon copy of someone else’s work. It’s extremely hard on your florist or cake decorator if you want something exactly as the picture.  Remember that you’re looking for inspiration, not to repeat.

Even with all these reasons, we still encourage couples to get on the Pinterest bandwagon. It gives us an idea of what you’re looking for even if you don’t yet realize it within that board. From there, we can really narrow down what type of feel you’re going for and recommend venues and vendors that will fit with your style and colors. Not only that, but it’s amazing for inspiration and ideas that you would have never thought of doing before. So, Pinterest, as much as we love to hate you, we sure won’t stop using you anytime soon!


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