Vendor Spotlight: Jillian Joseph Photography

We love working with our vendors, especially photographers who are there to capture every memorable moment – even the small things that you and your partner will want to remember forever. JILLIAN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY is a husband and wife duo that does just that! They have worked in Florida, Maui, Chicago, and Wisconsin. Open to destination weddings as well as Florida weddings, they are perfect for any couple on the lookout for an outstanding photographer!


When did you start photographing and what made you want to get into wedding photography?
I was in my final year of college when I was first introduced to the darkroom.  From that point on, I was hooked. Film photography married my love being creative with my love for the sciences and the technical precision required to both take a ; particularly shooting film and developing it. I didn’t pick up a digital camera until 2011, and if I’m being 100% honest, I really just wanted to try the digital format because I wanted a quick and convenient way to share quick snapshots of my children with my family who all live in other parts of the country.  I now use both film and digital in my wedding photography because both mediums have their advantages.
Why weddings?  I decided to focus primarily on weddings because I do my best work when I am the most challenged.  Weddings require a photographer to be able to be a product photographer, a family photographer, a portrait/editorial photographer, and a photojournalist in order to successfully photograph an entire wedding day.  It’s not easy, but that’s exactly what draws me to it from a technical side.  Then there’s the emotional draw, too. I’m drawn to great love stories, and weddings are the best love stories of all because I get to witness the love between the couple, the parents and their son/daughter, and then all the love shared between the extended family and the friends, too.
Imagine a world without love.  I couldn’t imagine a world like that, so I try to document love on all levels during the wedding day whether it’s a kiss, a gentle touch, or even someone enjoying a great slice of cake!
How would you describe your photography style?
Real.  Romantic. Sentimental.  My goal is to create a photograph that will act as a springboard into a great story or a great memory that can be shared with others.  When I’m behind the camera, my primary goal is to capture emotion or a real moment,
second is clarity, and third is composition.  In a world of high-tech, high-def, I prefer the photo that shows authentic emotion over the perfectly composed crystal clear photo that lacks emotion.  I always look for soft light because it creates a romantic feel to
the photograph.  I also used the word sentimental because my favorite details of the day are always, without a doubt, the sentimental pieces and the real moments.
What do you think sets you apart from all the other wedding photographers out there? 
Joe and I and who we are as people is what separates us from others.  As creatives, it’s inevitable to create a photograph based on our individual experiences.  For example, I’m camera shy, believe it or not, so I always go out of my way to make people feel
comfortable being photographed by me.  I usually talk to people as I photograph them so it feels more like a conversation with a friend instead of an uncomfortable photo shoot.  And Joe brings his love for laughter to all of his photographs.  He’s the best as capturing genuine moments between people whether it’s a high-five, a hug, or a hearty laugh.
Can you tell us about your favorite wedding you’ve shot? 
That’s a tough question, but the wedding that comes to mind is one I photographed last year here in the Tampa Bay area.  It was my favorite because the bride and groom were genuine and they trusted us completely, so it made both their engagement session and their wedding day amazing to photograph.  Another reason I loved this particular wedding so much is because it incorporated cultural traditions, which made the wedding unique and special.
What is a piece of advice you can give to couples who are searching for the right photographer?
There’s a lot of wonderful talented photographers for couples to choose from, but we’re all different.  Look at 5 photographer’s websites whose work you think you really like, then write down what you specifically like about their photos.  Is it that it’s bold and colorful or is it more soft and muted?  Are you drawn to the posing or to the lighting?  Once you narrow down what you really like in wedding photos, contact 3-5 photographers whose portfolio fits that criteria and your budget.  Once you find photographers whose work you like and are in your budget, call them.  Figuring out if you have a connection with your potential wedding photographer is important because it’s the only vendor aside from your wedding planner who will be at your side for the entire day.  If you’re not 100% comfortable with them, it’ll show in your photos, and you don’t want that.





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