Choosing Your Wedding Florals

When it comes to the flowers for your wedding, you can rest assured that we’ll have your day coming up roses; we work with some of the most creative floral companies in Florida to bring your vision to life! We love working with you to figure out what you want to convey through fresh petals throughout your wedding, and so do our floral vendors. Before all this fun, however, there are many details you must decide upon to be able to get the most out of your initial floral consultation.
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Once we pair you with the florist that is the best match for you, we will schedule an initial floral consultation where we can all start working out the details. To decide on the details, though, you’ll need more details, and trust us when we say that you can never be too prepared with the numbers, measurements, and style decisions that correspond with the creation of your perfect floral arrangements and bouquets. For this reason, florists will provide us with a questionnaire that asks all the right questions; these forms often vary, but you can usually expect them to request the following decisions about your day:

  • Color schemes
    • What are your main and accent wedding colors?
    • What color are your linens and napkins? Bridesmaid dresses?
  • What is the style or concept for your wedding day?
    • e. rustic, whimsical, garden, modern, traditional
  • How many guests?
    • # of bridesmaids
    • # of groomsmen
  • How many guest tables will you have?
    • Are they round or long?
  • Will you have a sweetheart table (for the bride & groom?
  • For centerpieces, do you prefer short, tall, or a mix of both?
  • Must-haves (if any) and must not-haves
    • Are there any flowers that you hate? That you particularly love?
  • Scent
    • Are you open to fragrance or would you prefer non-scented flowers?
  • Ceremony Info
    • Indoor or outdoor? What time of day?
    • Do you prefer an arch, column, or canopy?
    • An aisle runner?
      • Petals or no petals (will there be a flower girl)?
    • Other services
      • What do you plan to do for lighting?
      • For draping?

etc. etc. ETC! The more details you have going in, the more clarity and less stress you will have in working with your florist.

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Finding Inspiration

We know that your main concern is for everything to look amazing, but what looks amazing varies from bride to bride and this overall quality comes down to not only if you like certain flowers, but if you like how they fit into your style or concept.  So, a terrific way to establish a picture in your mind of what florals you are looking for is to take the concept of your wedding to Pinterest and see how other people have attempted to translate that style into their florals. During this search, perhaps you will see that sunflowers fit that rustic charm that you desire, or that peonies perfectly capture the outdoor garden feel of your dreams. While you begin to discover your ‘must-haves’, also try to determine your ‘deal breakers’; maybe you hate the look of orchids or the way that daisies detract from your modern concept. You can then take these images and ideas to your consultation, where we can work with your floral mastermind to tweak and personalize your arrangements in order to best meet all of your wishes.

Tampa Wedding Planner Florida / Wedding Planner Tampa St Pete
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                Your florals will not only be beautiful but are likely to have been international travelers! Flowers sold in bulk for events like weddings are grown all over the world, and since nature can’t be controlled, select flowers are only in season during select times, climates, and conditions. Any particular flower that you could desire is likely out there somewhere, but not likely to be budget-friendly if your wedding date falls outside of its season. Thus, if your budget is not flexible, your flower selections must be, especially if you want large centerpieces and bouquets at a large wedding (and even if not, because flowers are pricier than you may think!). Your florist will still keep your vision in mind, and as long as you stay open to similar alternatives you should be able to meet your goals without going overboard on spending.

Tampa Wedding Planner Florida / Wedding Planner Tampa St Pete
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