Gathering Inspiration for Your Wedding

No matter how long you’ve dreamt of your wedding day, it can be surprisingly difficult to decide what exactly it is that you want to fill it with, never mind how to get all these components to come together and match the image in your mind. There’s choices about your color scheme, florals, venue, date, dress, menu, lighting and much more to make, and making these selections while achieving harmony across them can be frustrating, confusing, and nerve-wracking. This is why it is important to have a game plan, or a strategy for making these decisions that can serve as a backbone when you feel lost or overwhelmed. Because we want your personal inspiration-finding journey to be as smooth and fun as possible, we’ve broken down the process into a few simple steps to get you started on the right track.
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1)     Peruse without pressure

In other words, look without knowing exactly what you’re looking for. The hardest part of putting together a style or concept for your wedding can be coming up with what you want right away, on your own. However, you don’t need to reinvent the lightbulb here, and you don’t have to do it overnight, either; that perfect style you can’t seem to conjure up in your mind, the kind that tells your love story unlike any other and emanates throughout every detail, it’s out there for you to find and fall in love with – and all you have to do is look! Don’t settle on something right away, but instead take your time and look through Pinterest or similar image-based sites, asking yourself what speaks to you and saving all of those images and ideas for later re-visitation. Remember to have fun with it; don’t stress, do your best, and forget the rest.

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2)     Define: the what and the why

Once you have gathered these ideas and images, ask what it is that you like about their look and feel. A helpful hint for figuring out what it is that you like about these different pieces of information is to establish patterns amongst them. For example, do you seem to gravitate toward softer or brighter color schemes, and thus either a more traditional or modern style? Do the images contain a lot of one particular element, like mason jars or burlap, suggesting that your heart might lie in a romantic, rustic concept? Once these types of patterns are established, you can then ask why you love them. Why do you like these certain elements, or this particular concept that you’ve seen yourself select time and again amongst so many others? What do you like about what it is that these components convey to your guests, about your style, about the wedding, and/or about your unique love story?

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3)     Let us help you refine

Congratulations! Now that you have found enough inspiration to meet a general idea of what you’re going for, you’ll be able to rely on the whats and the whys while making any necessary decisions going forward. You know not only what you’re going for but more importantly why you want to achieve that concept, a choice that you made in your heart which will serve to guide you through the selection of many specific details for your day. Now here’s where we come in; with our planning expertise and your vision (even if you still need help with curating or refining it) we will be unstoppable in making sure that your wedding dreams come true!

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