How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

Cousins and nieces and nephews, oh my! While kids can be some of the most special and entertaining guests on your wedding day, we all know that these angels can transform into little devils if they aren’t kept occupied. To bypass all the meltdowns and melodrama, here are some foolproof options for keeping the kiddos happy, focused, and fidget-free.
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The Classic Kids Table

What could be more fun for the kids than to have their very own space to laugh, play, and color? A butcher paper tablecloth and a plethora of colorful crayons is perhaps all you need to provide hours upon hours of endless entertainment. Since kids tend to fight over small things, make sure there are enough crayons and space to color for all. For a creative touch, a bucket full of Legos (or Lego Duplo, depending on age) as the table’s centerpiece will make for some very happy (and busy) little guests!

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A Play Area

Maybe you know that the parents you’ve invited would rather keep an eye on the kids by sitting next to them during the reception, or your seating arrangement doesn’t accommodate a special table for children? No kids’ table, no problem! You can still provide a play area that will be just as fun and occupying. For an indoor wedding, a padded mat (in an area with parents close-by) with board games like Connect4 and Jenga will be sure to please throughout the day. For an outdoor wedding, a kids tent with personalized, themed party favors inside could be an exclusive, fun space for the kids to take refuge from the parents for a while (and vice-versa!)

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Put ‘em to Work!

Kids love to feel involved and important, so giving them assigned tasks is a fantastic way to utilize all that energy we wish we had! As a unique way to create memories you can all share, pass out kid-friendly disposable cameras to the older kids with a list of things to photograph. Checklist items can include things like guests having fun, the cutting of the cake, or even the moments you want them to be most quiet like the toasts and speeches. They will love feeling like little helpers, and you’ll love seeing all those photos after the wedding!

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We hope that we’ve helped give you ideas that will be perfect for entertaining all the little ones at your wedding! If you’d like to have a kid-free reception but still want children at your ceremony, ask us about our vendors who can come and care for the kids elsewhere so the adults can relax and play!


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