Sasha, Principal Wedding Planner

At Oh So Classy Events, we love bringing our clients happiness through celebration! The end result you experience over our hard work is just a reward in itself for us. This is why we built this blog…to give you, the reader, a little extra from us and continue building authentic relationships with our supporters. We have such a strong passion for those special details and moments within weddings & events, and we want to share in that with you!

As our blog grows, you’ll find creative tips, favorite things, what’s happening in our world and everything else in between! And we want to be able to have your input in what you want to see. So don’t be shy – go on and ask us for it! We may just love it so much that it gets on the blog next week!

The Classy Ladies
The Classy Ladies

We hope you find this blog as more than just a blog, but rather a unique experience for our visitors that truly warms their hearts.

Thank you for reading, writing, following, posting, liking, tweeting, and sharing! Words cannot express how much we sincerely appreciate it.

XO ~ The Classy Ladies

Oh So Classy Events


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