Tips & Advice: Seating Charts vs. Escort Cards

Organizing the seating at your wedding may seem like one of the most stressful parts of your big day, but we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to give you some insight on which methods to use. Depending on your style, skill, and level of involvement in the planning of your wedding, we’ve compared and contrasted two classic approaches to seating.

1. Seating Charts

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The pros:

  • Traditional and organized
  • Well suited for a couple who seeks a simplistic arrangement
  • Eliminates confusion for guests as tables and seats are clearly listed
  • Guests may find it easier to spot their table or seat quicker/more efficiently
  • Less effort to make, easy to transport since it is usually a single piece
  • Newlyweds and bridal party may find it easier to spot specific guests at designated tables

The cons:

  • May be harder to make if you are not artistic (but can be ordered via a local vendor or via sources like Etsy)
  • A single chart is not something that guests can have as a souvenir

Things to remember:

  • List guests alphabetically by last name, rather than by table number assigned. Many times, couples make the mistake of listing the chart with groups of table 1, table 2, etc. But if you think about it, your guests won’t know what table to look under because the whole point of the seating chart is to advise where they’ve been assigned. Whoever is at the last table will have to sit and read through every table group before finding theirs, which is no fun. More on that from our friend Lauren of Every Last Detail, here.

2. Escort Cards

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The pros:

  • They’re unique and easily customizable to your style
  • You can use basically anything as an escort card — i.e., shells, sentimental objects, flowers, etc.
  • They give the guest a feeling of inclusion, and a souvenir to take home
  • Can create discussion among guests, give a chance for them to meet and interact

The cons:

  • Depending on the size of the guest list, these could become tedious to make
  • Can be difficult for guests to spot their name and locate their card
  • Would mean more time for set up on the day of as opposed to the single seating chart

Things to remember:

  • Again, list guests alphabetically by last name! As Lauren points out“Think of it this way: your guests don’t already know what table they’re sitting at. That’s why you’re telling them. Keeping everything in alphabetical order makes guests’ names easy to find and in order! So do your guests- and your wedding timeline- a favor and don’t make them have to SEARCH for their names among an unorganized list of table numbers!”
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We see the good and bad in both techniques and love any chance to encourage our couples to get creative! Now that you know the pros and cons of both options, which would you choose? Comment below and tell us what you think!



Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Venue!

If you’re like most people, one of the first things you’ll do when planning your wedding day will be to find the perfect venue. It’s likely that you don’t know where to start since really, you’ve most likely never planned a wedding before! Fear not, because we at Oh So Classy are here to help and give you all the tips you need to find the venue that’s just perfect for you and your love.

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Top 5: Don’t Forget the Things You’ll Forget!

Sounds kind of like a Dr. Seuss book title, doesn’t it? He always had the best advice for us while growing up and now we need some advice as adults! Especially now, as we start planning that big day that’ll forever change your life (no pressure). As you start planning your day, you’ll know to hit the big must-do’s: dress, venue, guest list, food, cake, and many more. But, there are so many things leading up to the day, during the day, and even after the day that so many brides push back into their mind. It’s time to bring those details forward so you can truly enjoy this time- forgetfulness free!

1. Who’s taking everything after the night’s over?

Let’s be honest, what are you going to do with eight huge floral arrangements? Who’s bringing all your gifts home for you or placing them in your hotel room? What about all the decorations? Who’s taking them down and where are they going? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and get answers to before your day! If you have a planner (get a planner), they can handle a few of these things for you so you’re not worrying about it. If not, talk to some friends and family members. See who can take some decorations temporarily at the end of the night or see who wants to take home a beautiful centerpiece that you’re not going to want. Make sure you have plans for all these things so at 1:00am you’re not chasing people down for a car to throw this important stuff in!

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How to Select a Wedding Cake

Oh So Classy Events, How to Select a Wedding CakeOne of the most anticipated parts of planning a wedding is selecting the cake! Any person with a sweet tooth dreams of the days of trying their delicious options of cake. The cake is not only an exciting part of planning, but it is also very important  to the wedding reception. It is one of the focal points of the reception and most guest look forward to it to top off the night.  In essence, the wedding cake tends to sum up the sense of taste for the event, so it’s no wonder that the cake remains one of the most enduring wedding traditions.

It is ideal to order your wedding cake about 3-6 months before your wedding. Once you have your wedding venue and the style of your wedding, you can go ahead and start your journey to design the perfect wedding cake! Here are some tips from Oh So Classy Events!

1. Select a Cake Style: Your venue, dress, and decor can serve as a blue print to select the style of cake for your wedding. You will want to follow suit with the style of your wedding you have already selected.  A more formal wedding generally calls for a structured, multi-tier cake; it can be elaborately or simply decorated, so long as its style implies something grand. These cakes are usually traditionally round. For a less formal wedding, you can certainly embrace the unconventional. The cake can be iced playfully with swirls of meringue or have a hexagon shape. Or you can forgo a single cake altogether and opt for a trio of smaller cakes or cupcakes, doughnuts, or pastries displayed on tiered cake stands for an impressive effect. Cupcakes are becoming a very popular item to have a weddings. Many guests enjoy them since they are easier to grab and can be customized.

Oh So Classy Events, Tips on Selecting a Cake

Oh So Classy Events, Tips on Selecting a Wedding Cake2. Have an Idea of What you Want: Before going to any bakers it is important to have a good idea of things you want in a cake. The baker needs some sort of base to start to design your wedding cake. You should have ideas for cake flavor and filling, decoration, shape, frosting, color, number of people the cake is to feed, and budget.

Planning will allow you to get the most out of your appointment with the bakery. If you are a little overwhelmed with all of this, the internet is a great resource to get an idea of what you like and don’t like in a wedding cake.

Also bring  information about your wedding with you to your consultation. Have an invitation, color swatches, photos of your dress and florals? Sometimes showing your style is better then trying to explain it. Providing these may spark inspiration for your baker to create the cake of your dreams.

3. Pricing and Delivery: When talking to a vendor it is important to discuss all the details when it comes to pricing. Many bakeries will charge by the slice ranging from $2 to $15 depending on the details on the cake. Certain things can really drive the price up on the cake, so you may have to cut some out if you are on a tight budget.

You also need to coordinate with your venue. Some venues will charge a “cake cutting fee” when allowing outside vendors bring in cakes. This is something you need to consider if your venue makes cakes and you are looking at outside bakers.

If you are using an outside baker you will need to talk about method of delivery. Delivery by the bakery is something that we strongly suggest at Oh So Classy. You will not want to worry about your cake getting to the venue intact and on time, so delivery is really ideal. Also the vendor is responsible for it until it gets to the venue if you have the bakery deliver. If you have a friend or someone pick it up you risk something happening to your cake before it arrives!

Oh So Classy Events, Tips on Selecting a Wedding Cake

Oh So Classy Events is happy to help in any way possible with your event planning needs. We hope this is helpful in your search for a wedding cake!

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